Create Connect Jewelry Party

From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.

From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.

From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.

From MY Award-Winning Studio

To your home! Host a one-of-a-kind jewelry making Birthday Party for YOUR one-of-a-kind! Party Packages for all ages. Experience the jewelry making magic!  Parties last 2 hours and everyone wears their jewelry home! Book a party today! AGES 6-18 (Over 18 book a Create COnnect Jewlery Ladies Party!)

Girl's Jewelry making birthday PARTY


STEP ONE: Set a party date and time

Pick a time and date for your one-of-a-kind Birthday Party.  The party lasts 2 hours. Guests arrive (hopefully on time) and the Creative fun starts with a brief demonstration to get the girls started on their jewelry making. We use jewelry clay to complete the jewelry, sparkles, textures, and initials.  Girls ages 7 and older work independently, while a step by step approach is used for parties under 7.  

While the jewelry is curing for 35 minutes, you can serve food or treats or open presents.  Everyone wears their jewelry home!

STEP TWO: Pick your jewelry package and book a reservation!

Pick your jewelry package based on age and budget.  Pay attention to the recommended ages for the jewelry styles. If you are having boys attend you may want to add a back-pack clip project for them, add it to the notes section of your inquiry.  

Party reservation inquiry is on the bottom of this page. Parties are available in Punta Gorda Florida.  I will travel to nearby cities however there is an additional travel charge for parties out of Punta Gorda. . If your party package is over $250, there is no travel charge.

Parties can be as small as 8 guests and as large as 25.

STEP THREE: Party Confirmation!

Your date and time will be confirmed if available and it is time for you to send out those invites! You will receive an invoice for your party to pay to secure your date and jewelry selection. It is possible to add additional guests before the party, however, there is an 8 guest minimum and you will be charged for 8 even if only 6 attend. 

STEP FOUR: Party Day!

You will need a table and chairs enough for all the guests. (INSIDE, no outdoor parties.) Decorations are optional. I will bring all the DIY supplies, along with some music. I will arrive just before the party to get organized.  I have a cushion of 15 minutes for guests to arrive and get settled before starting the party with a demonstration which lasts about 10 minutes.  Girls then work independently while the CREATE & CONNECT with each other. Sing along with some tween tunes and tap their toes!  It takes about 45 minutes to complete the jewelry. While jewelry curing you can celebrate with food, beverage or open presents. The jewelry will be ready for them to take home. Total party time about 2 hours.

Girl's Jewelry Making Party

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DIY Girls Jewelry Birthday Party