Create Connect Jewelry Party

From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.

From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.

From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.From Award-Winning Create Connect Studio - to your home or event space.

About Us


"I believe everyone has some creative talent... Those who think they don't only need a positive creative experience that will give them the confidence to say; "I CAN"... Instead of "I CAN'T."

 Amy D. CEO & Founder Create Connect Jewelry & Create Connect Studio 



 From my Award Winning Studio to a party at your home or event space!  I recently relocated to sunny Florida and have a wonderful, unique business without a home! I have yet to secure a space to open my Create Connect Studio so I am bringing the studio to YOU!  I have been in the creative industry for over 30 years.  I invented, tested and perfected Create Connect Jewelry in my studio that I modeled for a franchise.  I hope you will join me at one of my events around town and Lets CREATE AND CONNECT while we SIP AND MAKE JEWELRY!



Create Connect Jewelry features proprietary products not available anywhere else. MyrCC3™  jewelry clay works directly with my Acti-bond™ jewelry pieces to create a permanent bond when it is cured for 30 minutes. The jewelry is not craft jewelry but features the same materials that high-end jewelry designers use only now you're the designer! I have been designing and manufacturing jewelry for 15 years.  I have sold my jewelry designs to stores all over the world. Now it is YOUR turn to be the jewelry designer! Over 100 styles of jewelry and 60 colors of jewelry clay.  Something for every age and every budget.  At my events, I also feature other "Create and take   DIY projects not available anywhere else! SIP AND MAKE PILLOWS ANYONE?



Although I never made it to TV, this was a nice feature on Forbes!  


Certainly, there are a lot of creative women who make jewelry. We see their beautiful pieces at local markets and art shows. Not everyone can torch, solder or cast a piece of jewelry, but I ASSURE you, EVERYONE can make beautiful jewelry that represents their individual style with Create Connect Jewelry.  

Many women simply regard making jewelry as being too difficult and tedious. And then, there is another group of women (and sadly young girls) who feel they do not possess any creativity.  I believe these women and girls need positive creative experiences that will help build their confidence to take on other creative projects.  

What's more? The ability to offer something unique and apart from the mass-produced jewelry styles that are available everywhere in stores and home parties.

The jewelry you wear makes your first statement when meeting someone new. Shouldn't that statement reflect your individual style and be one-of-a-kind like you? "You're Too Special to Look Like Anyone Else.®"

The designer style jewelry pieces are like a blank canvas that you will complete into a wearable masterpiece! 

Learn More About my Studio

Some day in the future there will be a Create Connect Studio Franchise.  

Meanwhile, I am loving Florida and getting to know my surroundings!  I am bringing the studio to YOU with Create Connect Jewelry Party (Private Parties) and Create Connect Night (Social DIY in Bars.)

Looking for a local partner to re-launch my Create Connect Studio Franchise Model  in Punta Gorda.!  Find out more today about Create Connect Studio