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Proprietary products that work together

Create Connect Jewelry features proprietary products not available anywhere else. Our CC3™  jewelry clay works directly with our Acti-bond™ jewelry pieces to create a permanent bond when cured for 30 minutes. The jewelry pieces are not craft jewelry but feature the same materials that high end jewelry designers use, only now you're the designer! 

All products are tested and safe for you kids and your home! Our jewelry is made in the USA with local and imported components, and then completed by jewelry designers. (Your daughter and her guests of course!)

Create Connect Jewelry helps build confidence in women and girls through a simple DIY Projects that yield professional results. 

Expect to be wowed!  First a jaw dropping demonstration and you will be creating custom jewelry in no time.  PLUS you get to WEAR your jewelry home with the  bragging rights that you made it yourself! 

We just launched our Create Connect Jewelry Girl's Birthday Party (and wedding parties) mobile platform.  We do not have many locations covered yet, so if you LOVE KIDS, are a creative type with lots of patience, please JOIN US as an independent Creative Coach today!

Over 7 years plus inventing, testing and perfecting our DIY jewelry products, you can rest assured everyone will leave your party with a positive creative experience.  We help get everyone started, but it is all about YOU and your daughters special day making one-of-a-kind jewelry while she and her guests CREATE AND CONNECT!  

Create Connect (Jewelry) Studio™ was test studio  modeled for a franchise.  It was a huge success and we plan to franchise in 2021.  Even after that it will take years to get to all locations across the country, so we are bringing the party to YOU! Experience Create Connect Jewelry today!

Join us as a customer, Independent Creative Coach, or future Create Connect Studio™ owner.

A message from CEO and Founder Amy D.

 "I believe everyone has some creative talent... Those who think they don't only need a positive creative experience that will give them the confidence to say; "I CAN"... Instead of "I CAN'T."

Amy D. CEO & Founder

Create Connect Jewelry™  and Create Connect Studio™  

 It has been my goal to help girls (and women) build creative confidence.  We all start off  young with creative confidence, but as we get older we grow afraid of trying new creative projects.  Perhaps we did not have enough POSITIVE creative experiences along the way.   I have created DIY jewelry and other DIY projects that are simple to make and yield professional results helping you gain creative confidence to try other creative projects!    Mom, Dad! Have you bought a DIY jewelry kit or other creative kit for your child, only finding it so complicated (or so many pieces) you end up doing the work yourself? Or just giving up and  tossing it in the trash?  With Create Connect jewelry your child will need no help completing here jewelry... and when she is done, she will be so proud she made BEAUTIFUL jewelry all by herself. That builds Creative Confidence.

To find out more about Amy and Create Connect Studio - visit our Create Connect Studio Website.

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